Hillingdon Borough 2  Northwood 3

Hillingdon Borough 3 Northwood 1

Saturday 17th July 2010

Northwood started their pre-season fixtures programme this afternoon, when they played two games on the artificial surface at Spartan-South Midlands Leaguers Hillingdon Borough. Both clubs won a game each, Woods 3-2 in the first one and Borough 3-1 in the second.

Woods started the first game with a strong-looking team, and took the lead through Leon Osei on 13 minutes, but despite attacking for lengthy spells they failed to add to their advantage. Inevitably, Borough levelled five minutes before the break.

The second half saw a much-changed Northwood side, and the home side took advantage to take a 2-1 lead into the closing stages. But with four minutes left Douglas Kisuule fired home a penalty for the equaliser, then within a minute Anton Lewis struck the winner.

First half team: M. Swain, D. Power, J. Sonuga, M. Burgess, D. Hewinson, A. Page, R. Hicks, J. Christian, K. Matthews (A. Cato), L. Osei, S. Orphanou.
Second half: M. Britt, L. Holland, R. Tackley, S. Raper, A. Triallist, A. Triallist, S. Sharples, T. Janssen (G. Edwards), A. Lewis, A. Cato (H. Figueiredo), D. Kisuule.

Another side started the second fixture, and went a goal down on 15 minutes, and Borough added a second before the interval. Some of the more established players reappeared in the second half, and Danny Power hit a fine strike for his first senior Northwood goal to pull it back to 2-1, but a defensive lapse enabled Hillingdon to snatch a third goal to wrap up their victory.

First half team: M. Britt, S. Phillips, A. Triallist, G. Edwards, A. Triallist, D. Campbell-Grimshaw, J. Dailly, N. Fearon, A. Triallist, H. Figueiredo, A. Murphy.
Second half: M. Swain, S. Phillips, M. Burgess (J. Sonuga), A. Triallist, R. Tackley, A. Page, D. Power, S. Sharples, A. Cato, S. Orphanou, L. Osei.