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Thursday 15th April 1976

This was Town’s first victory this season that was not against a side from the bottom four of the Middlesex League. It was recorded against a Northwood side who effectively blew their championship hopes sky-high with a dream-like performance.

They were without several of their regular players, but still fielded a side that looked good enough to win on paper.

Nevertheless, right from the start Ruislip Town forced Northwood back with their determined play, whilst the Woods struggle to play their normal game. They got off to a bad start, though, when Hester, playing in his own private match, decided to try a suicidal back-pass rather than an easy clearance upfield.

He floated the ball gently towards keeper Russell, nut instead found Ruislip’s alert striker Lord, who volleyed home smartly past the confused Woods keeper.

Once they’d got the goal, Town really began to enjoy their game – a rare occurrence this season, and they began to put some pretty moves together.

As for Northwood, they stumbled and fumbled their way around the pitch, and apart from one Roche effort which struck Town’s keeper squarely in the face, they had little to offer in the way of goals.

Town had plenty to offer in the way of chances, but not much in the way of shooting, and that early goal ended up being the decider.

Northwood:  Russell, Harman, Hammond, Mills, Presswell, Tidd, Roberts, Cooper, Dibbens, Pearce, Roche.