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Saturday 14th February 1970


Gallant Northwood rocked powerful Hendon's Isthmian Reserves with a magnificent fighting display in the Middlesex Intermediate Cup on Saturday, having three shots cleared off the line before going down by a single goal – 25 minutes from time.

Indeed, Hendon could count themselves fortunate that they were not beaten on their own Claremont Road ground by a side that gave all but finally won nothing.

Northwood dominated with a great attacking onslaught in the first half with Gould, Millward and Godley keeping a grip on the midfield, and Harding, Madigan and Wickison solid at the back.

Left-winger Horsford twice beat the 'keeper only to see his shots cleared off the line, and at half time, when Northwood should have been well ahead, the scoresheet remained blank.

Frustrated and weary from their efforts, Northwood faded dramatically and Hendon, sensing a weakness, went out for the kill.

Still Northwood held firm until Hendon were awarded a free-kick just outside the box. Before they had time to muster a wall they were beaten by a low shot into the back of the net.

Never-say-die Northwood came back, with Byrne putting in a curling shot which was headed out from under the bar. In a great finish they finally bowed out of a game which was theirs in all but the result.

Northwood: R. Byrne, G. Harding, D. Wickson, B. Gould, P. Madigan, D. Godley, D. Sanders, P. Millward, P. Byrne, D. Dibbens, D. Horsford.