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Three Bridges Res. 1  Northwood Res. 1

Tuesday 12th April 2011

Northwood Res.

Jubilee Walk, Three Bridges, Crawley
Ben Dowsett
Kick Off
Hassan Falali
7.45 p.m.
Dominic Franklin
John Akaly
Jamie Lindsay
Prince Alozie
Seldyn Grant
Wayne Jackson
Lucas Williams
Dujon Desagurante
Courtney Francis
Timi Salako (2)
Harold Eluma-Obrien (6)
Alex Simmons (11)

Woods had the terrible job of tackling  the M25 for last night’s game at Three Bridges. In the end, despite the large number of players not available through either work or injuries, a reasonable squad gathered the other side of Gatwick for the fixture.

The game started on time with the squad just about making it. Woods had two new triallists, and at the last moment the management team discovered that they had a centre-half on their hands whom they were not aware of! So John Akaly started and immediately gave the team confidence, reminding the coach of Ronnie Johns, who played for the Woods back in the day. Which is praise indeed.

The game was being played in difficult conditions on a very hard ground and dusty, what does that remind you of? Both sides struggled, but glimpses of decent play began to emerge. Woods were guilty of losing their shape and were having trouble getting the ball to Lucas Williams, who had the beating of the opposition right-back, hence the team was changed to get him more on the ball.

Wayne Jackson and Seldyn Grant were both working rather hard, and some good moves were put together, whereas the hosts were relying on the long ball, which Jamie Lindsay and John Akaly were dealing with. Ben at this stage was only troubled by wayward back passes, otherwise no real scares.

From the restart Dujon Desagurante and Courtney Francis were taking some hefty tackles, but were not hiding. At this stage Woods were very much on top and chances were coming, but then disaster struck as Hassan Falali was crocked by a bad tackle. Timi Salako replaced him and immediately  made an impact and in desperation the hosts brought him down.

From a rare attack Three Bridges caused mayhem in the Woods penalty area and somehow a ball trickled past Ben Dowsett, and they opened the scoring. Woods had some half chances and Prince Alozie and & Courtney Francis were replaced by Alex Simmons – the kid tucked into the midfield and Harold Eluma-O’Brien, another triallist, went up front.

This did not last, as after some feisty tackles on Timi Salako, he lost it briefly, but in fact controlled himself in time. However, urged on by the hosts’ bench the Ref sent him off with a straight red for intent – a bit harsh, but hopefully a lesson learned. The injustice was that the hosts’ players got away scot free.

Another reshuffle was called for, and Simmons went left back and did really well. Wayne Jackson was spurring the Woods on and chances were still coming. Then from a corner Simmons ignored all calls for the ball, and slammed it into the back of the net with his left foot, a great strike for the equaliser.

At this stage, with not long left, the Woods were the side in charge and the midfield were all over the hosts. A couple of chances came, and with a few minutes left, Desagurante wriggled free and unleashed a great shot which the Three Bridges goalie knew nothing about. but the ball hit him straight in the face and laid him out. After he had recovered there was no time for either side to react, hence a 1-1 draw was achieved. More lessons and a good find, plus yet again great attitude from all the players.