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Saturday 23rd October 1971

Although the opposition and the score suggests rugby, this was football at its best. Northwood have been improving with every game over the last month, and it was evident that someone was going to feel the full force of their talents.

After several chances in the opening burst, Steve Senior set the goals rolling in the 19th minute, slotting home a chance from close in. Five minutes later Wanless snapped up a half-chance and rammed it home. And then in the 30th minute, Madigan slotted in a free-kick from 30 yards.

Just before half-time the Woods added two more, Senior chipping in to the far post for full-back Taylor to head home, then Harvey, Coburn and Wanless giving Senior the chance to crash home his second.

Five up, they refused to relax in the second half. Wanless was on hand to snatch number six five minutes after the restart, and soon he completed his hat-trick. The eighth, in the 63rd minute, saw Senior complete his hat-trick. Paddy Coburn then got in on the act when he snapped up a chance.

Double figures were achieved when Wanless notched his fourth with a superb left-foot drive. The last two goals came in the final ten minutes after Twickenham had pulled back a consolation goal. Harvey made a great run, leaving four men in his wake, drew the keeper then pushed the ball to Coburn, who netted.

The final goal came when Senior picked up the ball from Gould, beat the centre-half, and guided it past the keeper.

Northwood: Ray Byrne, Graham Harding, Pat Madigan, John Myers, Brian Taylor, Barry Gould, Ian Harvey, Steve Pearce, Paddy Coburn, Barry Wanless, Steve Senior, sub. Tony Roche.