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Saturday 28th November 1970

Northwood were knocked out of the Middlesex League Cup by just two seconds on Saturday. As full-time approached ‘Woods were awarded a free-kick on the edge of the Viking penalty area. Dodd, taking his time so the rest of the team could move up, floated the ball into the area.

Byrne rose above the defence to head goalwards, but in the split second it took the ball to hit the net from five yards, the referee blew for time. Not a moment of injury time had been added, yet several Viking men had received attention for knocks as ‘Woods stormed forward in the last 15 minutes.

In the first half there has been little between the two teams, but Northwood missed Horsford’s strong running up front. Both Pearce and Gould tried to fill the strikers’ role, but were much more effective in midfield. Ian Harvey desperately probed for chances, and he was Northwood’s best forward.

Viking Sports grabbed the lead in the second half when Madigan failed to clear decisively and the visiting inside-right was on hand to prod the ball home. They added to this with a spectacular 40-yard shot which swerved and dipped past the unfortunate Byrne in goal.

Northwood at last woke up, and their reward for producing some good football came in the form of a penalty. This golden opportunity was wasted, however, when Harvey’s spot-kick was saved.

Gould soon made up for this setback when he scored with a magnificent header, and Northwood continued to press as the game reached its dramatic ending.

Northwood: R. Byrne, G, Harding, P. Bailey,  B. Gould, P. Madigan,  D. Dibbens, R. Dodd, S. Pearce, P. Byrne, I. Harvey, D. Godley.